About the Beneficiary (2016)

Raising the Roof

raising the roof Raising the Roof provides long-term solutions to ending homelessness. With over 50 community agencies across Canada, Raising the Roof brings awareness and attention to the issues and challenges of homelessness through public education.Canada primarily addresses homelessness by providing emergency housing and other supportive services. However, Raising the Roof believes the real solution to homelessness is preventing it from occurring in the first place.

Why Support Raising the Roof?

The proceeds fundraised through Power Unit Youth Organization will be used to launch The Upstream Project, Canada’s first prevention program aimed to address homeless at an early stage. The Upstream Project will be implemented within the school system, working with adults in school to assess students and identify those who may be at high risk of homelessness. It has proven success in countries like Australia, on reducing the number of homeless youth. Raising the Roof will provide the knowledge and resources for schools and communities to adopt The Upstream Project.

Become a Beneficiary

For more information on applying to become a Power Unit Youth Organization beneficiary, please contact:
President of Power Unit Youth Organization
Dawn Siu
Chairperson of Night It Up!
Franca Tam

Beneficiary History

Night It Up! raised $10,000 for Yellow Brick House
Night It Up! raised $10,000 for UNITY Charity
Night It Up! raised $10,000 for Second Harvest
Night It Up! raised $10,000 for Make-A-Wish Canada2011
Night It Up! raised $10,000 for Sleeping Children Around The World
Night It Up! raised $10,000 for Well of Change
Rebranded as Night It Up!, raised awareness for OtherHalf Chinese Stem Cell Drive and Asian Community AIDS Services
Toronto Night Market raised $5,000 for Youth Out Loud
Toronto Night Market raised $10,000 for Yee Hong’s Centre for Geriatric Care
Renamed to Toronto Night Market, raised $10,000 for Under the Banyan Tree: Centre for the Developmentally Disabled
Asian Night Market raised $10,000 for Harmony Place
Asian Night Market raised $5,000 for Child Find in memory of Cecilia Zhang
Asian Night Market: “Bring Toronto Back to Life”, took place in an effort to rejuvenate Toronto after SARS, raised $10,000 for Scarborough Hospital, Grace Division
Asian Night Market launched in July at Metro Square, raised $3,000 for Covenant House