Stage Schedule

Friday July 15th

7:00pm Opening Ceremony
8:00pm Kenny Blake
8:15pm VYbE Dance Company
8:25pm E3
8:50pm PUYO Marketing
8:55pm Jessica Leung
9:20pm Rikashay
9:45pm AIKO TOMI
10:05pm Evan Yue
10:30pm MARS
10:55pm PUYO Karaoke

Saturday July 16th

3:00pm Markham Taekwondo Academy
3:20pm Winnie
3:35pm Will & Matt Magic
4:35pm Project S
4:50pm Wild Angel
5:00pm Art Takeover
5:20pm Ann Chau
5:50pm E3
6:15pm Cheryl Jessica
6:30pm Anthony & Jackie
6:45pm Jennifer Uy
7:05pm UW Hip Hop
7:15pm The Awesome Band
7:40pm NICE
7:45pm Ann Chau
8:05pm Terminal 4
8:25pm PUYO Marketing
8:40pm Spire Fusion
9:00pm Connor Cheung
9:20pm ORIGINS
9:30pm Your Honour
10:30pm Arbors Lane
10:55pm PUYO Karaoke

Sunday July 17th

3:00pm Anthony & Stephen
3:20pm Shahana
3:30pm Will & Matt Magic
4:30pm Venado Shanti
4:55pm Middle
5:00pm Evan Yue
5:25pm E3
6:00pm Core
6:30pm Bravo! Centre for Dance
6:35pm Paragone
6:55pm Bravo! Centre for Dance
7:00pm Stealing Freedom
7:20pm Marina Lin
7:35pm AIKO TOMI
7:55pm PUYO Karaoke
*Schedule is subject to change.