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Friday, July 11, 2014
7pm – 12am
Saturday, July 12, 2014
2pm – 12am
Sunday, July 13, 2014
2pm – 8pm


Markham Civic Center 101 Town Centre Boulevard Markham, Ontario


Road Closures

Town Centre Blvd. between Hwy 7 and Apple Creek Rd.

What is Night It Up!?

Night It Up! is a outdoor night market styled in the vein of night markets from Taiwan and Hong Kong and many others from across Asia. There will be over 100 food and merchandise vendors selling street cuisine and trinkets similar to what you would find at an authentic night market in Asia. Night It Up! used to be known as “Toronto Night Market” and “Asian Night Market”. This is the twelfth year that this event has been running and the fifth year under the Night It Up! name.

Who organizes Night It Up?

Power Unit Youth Organization organizes Night It Up! and its previous incarnations “Asian Night Market” and “Toronto Night Market”. We were the first organization to bring night markets and authentic Asian street foods to Toronto way back in 2002. The organization is a non-profit youth empowerment and development group run entirely by youth volunteers ranging from ages 16 to 26. The volunteers dedicate hundreds of hours of their time and passion to make sure the event runs smoothly and delivers the best possible experience to our guests.

What are some of the attractions?

The authentic Asian street food of our night market is our most famous draw. Including the infamous stinky tofu – the unofficial national snack food of Taiwan – stinky tofu is deep-fried fermented tofu usually served with a side of pickled vegetables, and it’s aroma is instantly noticeable upon entering Night It Up!We also have a massive stage featuring multicultural performances includes bands, singers, dance groups and a variety of other musical sensations.Over the years we have also added many other attractions to keep things interesting for our visitors. From basketball and volleyball tournaments, to an outdoor movie theatre showing hit Chinese cinema, to free photo booths. This year look for some major new attractions to be unveiled. We promise it’ll be BIG, check back often for teasers!

Why should you visit Night It Up?

Over the years we have raised over $95,000 for grass root non-profits and charities across Toronto. In 2011, we worked with Sleeping Children Around the World raised over $10,000 to provide bedkits to Children in Bangladesh without beds. In 2012, we raised funds for Make-A-Wish Canada and sent a child and his family to Disney World. In 2013, we raised funds for Second Harvest, whose mission is to rescue food and feed the hungry. This year, we are working with UNITY Charity, who run after-school programs to help empower youths to be leaders and find a positive outlet in their life.