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Zero Waste Initiative



Have you ever had the problem where you didn’t really know what was considered garbage and what was considered recycling?

Worry no more! This year, Night It Up! will have waste disposal stations across the venue! Instead of having to throw out garbage and separate your recycling, we have volunteers doing it for you! We’re hoping to reduce the amount of garbage and increase the diversion of waste to organic disposals and recycling. So make sure you come by one of the stations with your waste during Night It Up!



Annually, there’s so much garbage at Night It Up! that the organizers and volunteers spend over a minimum of 5 hours after the event to clean the venue and its surrounding premises?


Let’s make a difference this year and keep Night It Up! and the City of Markham clean! 

We’d also like to thank YENYR and Formosa Cultural Society of Ontario for helping with our on-site zero waste initiatives!

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