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STARTED FROM THE BOTTOM NOW WE HERE – literally. From the basement.

Fifteen. We are fifteen years old this year! Do you remember what things were like when you were fifteen? Perhaps you have yet to see what fifteen has in store for you… or maybe this is your fifteenth year on earth like us!

In fifteen years, Night It Up! has become one of the most popular events of the summer. We attract over 120, 000 patrons annually and host over 120 food and merchandise vendors… some of which have grown with us over the years! (…Because you either LOVE stinky tofu or love to hate it. :P)

Anita Ko, one of the founding members of Power Unit Youth Organization, explains that the organization and night market were youth driven at its grassroots. She and a group of friends were interested in self-development and asked themselves, “What can we do to apply what we [have] learned in school and [through] our textbooks to something more practical and meaningful?”

And thus, Power Unit Youth Organization was born! Soon after came their firstborn – Night It Up! (Formerly known as Asian Night Market – cause we’re OGs).

The organization that was started in a basement by ten university students in 2002 has since made several achievements. Some of these include:

  • 400 bubble tea fuelled youth volunteers – including 200 core members in PUYO per year (70 of which work specifically on Night It Up!)
  • 1 venue change – because Night It Up! outgrew it’s old parking lot
  • Awarded $2000  in scholarships to its members
  • Raised $113,000 for local charities
  • Consumption of too many cups of bubble tea to fathom
  • Inhaling an immeasurable amount of stinky tofu

Of course, none of this would have happened without YOUR continued support. YOU are the reason why we, volunteers, remain fired up and dedicated to improving Night It Up! every year.

So here is to another fifteen years to Power Unit Youth Organization and Night It Up! We’ll see you at this year’s event!


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