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You’ve got to admit having a clean space is always super satisfying… even if it takes a little bit of work to get there. Today we have got two (2) Royale Tiger Towel prize packs up for grabs! With these babies you’ll be able to tackle any problem with ease – handy for the dorm to the office.

This year the organizer slogan is “don’t be bitter, throw that litter!” Enter to be one of two winners by telling us how you plan on keeping our earth clean at Night It Up! this year. 

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**Giveaway closes Thursday, July 14th, 2015 @ 11:00pm est.**

  • johnny

    We can keep things clean by recycling and throw things at proper bins.


  • Cassey

    I plan on keeping it clean at Night It Up! by bringing my own plastic bag to store my garbage and then throw it out when I see a garbage bin.


  • Jacky Y

    Bring my own plate and fork. It may be a bit hassle but it will definitely reduce carbon footprint so that our next generation can enjoy what we leave for them =)


  • Bex O

    Bring a small bag for garbage until I find a place for proper disposal, or if I’m buying something that comes in a paper bag I can use that to store my garbage too. #PutWasteInItsPlace


  • Hoa

    I will keep the earth clean by bringing my family’s own biodegradeable paper plates and utensils with us, along with a bag to discard our waste in. Additionally, we can ask vendors to provide our goods without any additional plastic wraps or bags to help reduce environmental waste.


  • Tweety

    Put the garbage into the garbage bin, and the recycle items into the recycling bin.


  • Joanna

    recycle items properly and put the garbage into garbage bins


  • Koni

    By bringing my own napkins and plastic bags, and throwing it into the proper garbage disposals afterwards :).


  • Alyna

    I’m going to make use of the blessed shuttle busses that NIU provides instead of driving there. Also saves time on trying to find parking!! MORE TIME FOR STINKY TOFU. *heavy breathing*


  • Peter

    I’m going to use the paper towels that I win from this contest and dispose of them in the correct bins once I’m done using them!!


  • Andrew

    I’ll keep the earth clean by keeping an eye out for garbage/recycling bin zones and directing myself and others to not be bitter, and instead to throw that litter!


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