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Performer Feature: Arbors Lane

Arborslane feature

The best way to experience Night It Up! is to see everything right? Arbors Lane definitely think so, and they’re most looking forward to the energy you have to bring!

Originally consisting of drummer Christina (The Designated Driver), guitarist Luca (El Nino) and vocalist Jenny (The Closet Weeb), they’ve come a long way from their casual band high school days, on the way picking up guitarist Nick (The Weeb) and bassist Gabe (Bun Rieu) whom they met at Arbor Lane’s first show in 2014 where Nick and Gabe were part of other bands. Who would’ve thought a year later they would become a serious, Korean food-loving group?

Their first studio release was “True Contender in February 2015, and first performed all together on Halloween that same year. Moving forward to 2016, Arbors Lane has played in many shows and have released an EP titled “Prologue” in April. They’re currently taking a break from performances to promote it, though they’re constantly writing to produce more content.

This new and young band is always looking to improve and continue their growing success. Get ready Night It Up!, Arbors Lane is on the lineup card!

By: Betty F.

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