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Performer Spotlight – Your Honour

The short answer to why Your Honour started performing was that they wanted to find a way to catch the attention of the ladies 😉

The more elaborate answer comes from their humble beginnings. (more…)

Performer Spotlight – Violets & Viruses


The Night It Up! stage is one of the most fun stages we’ve ever played on, which is why we’re always so excited when the chance comes up every year.  This year is a little special because we’re unveiling a new singer, and she’s got some serious pipes.  And since everyone likes lists, here are ten other things you might not have known about Violets & Viruses.


  • Violets & Viruses has been playing at Night It Up since 2010. But a few of us have been playing since the night market’s early days way back when it was still at Metro Square.
  • Guitarist Mok used to be the drummer of the band.
    He actually played guitar first, then switched to drums and did a bunch of drumming covers on Youtube before coming back to his first love.
  • Our singer is multilingual. She has done covers in English, Mandarin, Korean, and Japanese. And she’s penned her own music in the past, too!
  • The bassist and the guitarist have gone to the same junior high, high school and university. We actually played together once in high school for a talent show, but then stayed mostly separate in other bands. We didn’t actually start playing together seriously until a few years ago when Mok recruited Jo for V&V.
  • Actually, every band member has been musically involved prior to being in V&V.
    In fact, our singer Lillian was part of the girl pop group, Maiden China. And Billy the drummer played for a Korean and Japanese rock artist. In the early days of V&V, Mok also played for a Korean girl group.
  • The drummer has a signature piece of clothing.
    A vest. Every. Single. Time.
  • V&V’s first show ever was held on a go-kart track.
    Fast cars. Loud music.  The perfect match.
  • Collectively, we’ve had the chance to perform in some amazing places. We’ve really been blessed to have experienced some amazing places including: local venues like Night It Up, the Hershey Centre, Wonderland, the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Harbourfront Centre, the stage of Anime North, and classic indie rock venues like the Big Bop, Kathedral, Holy Joe’s, El Mocambo, and Lee’s Palace. We’ve even been lucky enough to get to travel to places like Union Square in New York.
  • At this year’s Night It Up, keep an ear out for a twist on popular tunes
    We’ll be performing a mix of original music, and some covers that the audience may recognize with a bit of V&V flair, so get your singalong voice ready.
  • We don’t bite
    If you have any feedback for us, we’re all ears. Find us on Facebook as Violets & Viruses

Performer Spotlight – RED HANDED DENIAL


RED HANDED DENIAL will be returning for a 3rd year at Night It Up! Remember their thunderous performance last year?

Hailing from Toronto, Canada, RED HANDED DENIAL aspires to create music that will etch a lasting impression while bringing passion and energy to the forefront. They’ve been relentlessly working on their sound and have been building inspiring live performances. RHD have performed all across Central Canada, showcasing songs from their 2009 debut EP release “Eyes and Liquid Skies” and their 2013 full-length album “Stories of Old”. With a heavy mixture of influences from metal, pop, and even jazz- listeners of all genres will find something to love about the dynamics and versatility of RED HANDED DENIAL. The band is currently in studio recording a brand new EP with powerful tracks that will truly show the amount of passion and talent the band has been building up for. It will feature the sound they’ve always been searching for.

The band consists of 5 unique and talented members:

  • Tyson Dang is the hard-hitting drummer backlining each song with an aggressive face on stage.
  • Chris Mifsud, known for his guitar licks and signature spin kicks (he does it every year at Night It Up!).
  • Aleksei Perepelitsa takes the stage with another guitar, filling songs with that extra texture of musical genius.
  • Dwayne VanSluytman hits the low end with his talented bass slapping and finger plucking skills.
  • Lauren Babic, armed with the enchanting voice of an angel and the intense growls of a lion.

Combine these individuals together on stage and it’s easy to understand why this band has garnered their own success over the past few years. Prepare to be blown away and come check them out on the main stage July 25th at 9:30pm.

NIU! 2015 – Giveaway Day 7

Coca-Cola Gift Basket

POP AND FIZZLE. Ah, the sound of bliss that we all find in opening a can of Coca-Cola. There is no doubt Coca-Cola is the reigning king of sodas. So, for our final day of our Daily Giveaway, Night It Up! is giving away a Coca-Cola gift basket to three lucky participants!


Each basket includes:

  • Coca-Cola Speaker
  • Coca-Cola Sunglasses
  • Coca-Cola T-shirt
  • Coca-Cola Notebook
  • Coca-Cola Hat
  • Coca-Cola Water Bottle
  • Coca-Cola Sticker


This year’s giveaway questions will be tied to our new Heroes theme, and today’s foodie hero is the “Can Champion”!


With a suit of armour made of soda cans, you are the green-machine, utilizing all aspects of soda cans and promoting recycling! Enforcing a zero-waste philosophy, the Can Champion is the leanest, meanest, and the greenest. On the topic of recycling, the Can Champion wants YOU to keep Night It Up! 2015 clean by not littering, by disposing of your waste properly, and by recycling all recyclables!


This leads us to today’s giveaway question: How will you keep Night It Up! clean this year?


Also, make sure you read our giveaway rules and winners here!

Are you the Can Champion? Discover your inner NIU! superhero here.
Power Unit Youth Organization is committed to helping keep Night It Up! clean every year. Read up on our Zero Waste Initiative.

Zero Waste Initiative at Night It Up! 2015

Don’t know where the garbage goes after your food-filled adventure? Hint: not on the ground! (more…)

NIU! 2015 – Giveaway Day 6

firefishball (1)

Ah, the ol’ cup of joe. We can’t function without a cup of great coffee in the morning! (more…)

NIU! 2015 – Giveaway Day 5


We Reel-y like Reel Asian – they’re always providing us with great entertainment and must-see movies! (more…)

NIU! 2015 – Giveaway Day 4


Oh, it’s another glorious year of teaming up with Mindzai Creative Shop! Tasteful, urban art and design is what Mindzai delivers, and for our Day 4 giveaway, Mindzai is providing us with a 7 inch Munny with Wipeoff Markers (value $30), a Ghost Rider Marvel Labbit (value $50), and 2 free Toy Workshop sessions at the Mindzai store (value $30)!


This year’s giveaway questions will be tied to our new Heroes theme, and today’s foodie heroes are the “Turbo Toy Troop”!


Featuring the trio of “Lemon-Aid”, “Water-No-Felon”, and “The Last Straw-berry”, the Turbo Toy Troop uses their super toys to entertain the crowd during any festive event, ensuring no party pooping business. This leads us to today’s giveaway question: How can you use food as a toy?


To enter today’s giveaway, answer the question in the comments section below by 11 PM (EST)!

Also, make sure you read our giveaway rules and winners here!

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NIU! 2015 – Giveaway Day 3

Wood For Sheep Prize Pack

Night It Up! is proud to partner with Wood For Sheep to present to you the giveaway for the third day of our Daily Giveaway! We will be giving away two sets of board games, valued at $112.50 each, including: Legends Of The Three Kingdoms, Sentinels of the Multiverse Card Game, Shrimp Cocktail Party Game, What? Deluxe Edition, and Resident Evil Deck Building Game.

Wood For Sheep Prize Pack

Wood For Sheep is a online retailer of for board games, and this year at Night It Up! 2015, they will be running a pop-up board game café! The Game Experts at Wood For Sheep are bringing their selection of classic and latest board games to Night It Up! This pop-up board game cafe is open on Saturday, July 25th for one day only! Come play and win great prizes! Board games are also available to purchase on site with special promotion! Parts of the proceeds go towards Yellow Brick House. For details about the games, visit woodforsheep.ca!


This year’s giveaway questions will be tied to our new Heroes theme, and today’s foodie hero is the “Game Guru”!


The Game Guru whips up all sorts of fancy characters in their games, never failing to incorporate food in ALL games they participate in – cue the sugar cube dice. This leads us to today’s giveaway question: What is your favourite food or drink to have while playing board games?


In order to enter today’s giveaway, submit your answer in the comments below, before 11 PM (EST)!


Make sure you read our giveaway rules and winners here!

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NIU! 2015 – Giveaway Day 2


Who doesn’t love dim sum? The idea of dim sum is the perfect marriage between breakfast and lunch, filling that empty void that we, foodies, get when we’re daydreaming of lunch after having breakfast. So, for Day 2 of our Daily Giveaway, Night It Up! is proud to present to you, a gift basket generously provided by Dim Sum City!


Featuring giant plush toys of your favourite dim sum dishes in the most adorable fashion, our Day 2 giveaway prize is bound to make your inner foodie relish the wonders of dim sum while cuddling with a giant version of the foods you love. Included in the giant steamer are the har gow, siu mai, and a t-shirt. For more information on Dim Sum City and their wonderful array of plushies, visit http://dimsumcityshop.com/ and visit them at NIU!2015 at Booth H7!


This year’s giveaway questions will be tied to our new Heroes theme, and today’s foodie hero is the “Dumpling Destroyer”!


Using your soy sauce gun and exploding dumpling launching, you strive for achieving perfection and blend in all dim sum dishes, evoking the quintessential harmony of the palette of a seasoned foodie. This leads us to today’s giveaway question: What would you name the arch nemesis of the Dumpling Destroyer?


To enter the giveaway, answer the giveaway question in the comment below! Submit your answer by 11:00 PM (EST)!

Also, make sure you read our giveaway rules and winners here!
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