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Night It Up! is less than 2 weeks away! We would like to introduce you to some of our vendors these next few weeks! Today’s featured vendor is ME.N.U!

After traveling through South East Asia and experiencing a unique culture for food, Allen Tan created ME.N.U. Allen started ME.N.U with the intention of having a unique backstory and offering something besides the everyday norm by bringing the flavours of South East Asia back to Toronto in forms that people have not seen or experienced before.

Some of the unique foods that ME.N.U will be bringing to Night It Up! are the Hanan Rice Ball, Porkzilla Rice Ball, Dragon Ball Z Rice Ball, Tofu Fries, and Lemon Grass Thai Tea!


Take a look at this video of how their rice balls are made!


Me.n.u is based on 3 cool principles:
1. Its all about sharing experiences, its a me.n.u thing.
2. Travel. Eat. Share.
3. Do normal things and extraordinary ways.

You can follow ME.N.U at and see them at Night It Up! on July 12-14!

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