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Ice Volcano Ice Cream

Deep freezed marshmallow

There’s only 10 days left until Night It Up! What will you be eating? Our featured vendor of the day is Ice Volcano Ice Cream!

Ice Volcano brings us a unique experience with ice cream. The secret behind its ice cream is that it’s made with liquid nitrogen. At a boiling point of -197°C , liquid nitrogen freezes EVERYTHING that it’s in contact with. Liquid Nitrogen freezes all the ingredients of Ice Volcano in less than a minute. It also makes sure that ice crystals don’t form in your ice cream, making it smooth and creamy!

Popular flavours include Strawberry, Mango, Milo, Oreo, Mint Chocolate and Matcha.

At Night It Up!, you’ll see the process of how their ice cream is made. You’ll feel the ice coldness of the liquid nitrogen and you’ll see the white smoke as the liquid nitrogen reacts with the milk and cream. Join in the experience at Night It Up!

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