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How Much Can You Eat?

How many fish balls and spring rolls can you eat? We are proud to announce that Night It Up! 2013 will be holding THREE eating contests this year sponsored by Mandarin Restaurants and Frank’s RedHot! The prizes for each of them are quite HOT!


On Friday, July 12th at 9:30 p.m., Frank’s RedHot will be hosting our first eating contest!

Frank's RedHot

The first round will have 6 contestants compete to see who can eat the most hot sauce covered fish balls in 60 seconds! The top 3 contestants will advance to the second round where they will once again, eat as many hot sauce covered fish balls for 60 second! The winner will be crowned with an “Ultimate Frank’s RedHot Giftbasket” which contains all 7 flavours, FRH T-Shirt, FRH can Koozie, FRH bottle opener keychain, FRH mini sample bottles and FRH temporary tats!


On Saturday, July 13th, Mandarin Restaurant will be running two eating contests at 4:30 p.m. and 9:30 p.m.!



We will have a spring roll eating contest to see who can eat the most spring rolls in 2 minutes! Winners will win a dinner buffet for 4!


If you’re interested in participating in any one of these three contests, make sure you come by the stage on July 12th and 13th! Participants will be chosen on the nights of the event, spots are limited, so come early!

  • marcell yawurono

    sign me up for the spring rolls mandarin contest … I love love love spring rolls


    • Administrator

      I’m glad you’re interested in participating! However, we’re not doing pre-registration for the food eating contests. Participants will be chosen on the days of the event so make sure you come by the stage at 4:30 or 9:30 for your chance to be selected to participate in the spring rolls contest!


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