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Gusta Haus of Sugar Art

Our featured vendor for today is Gusta Haus of Sugar Art at booth K4!

Gusta Haus brings us something new to Night It Up! — Modernist Dessert where desserts are made with the techniques of molecular gastronomy!

Molecular gastronomy is the experimental restaurant cooking driven by the desire of modern cooks to explore the world’s wide variety of ingredients, tools and techniques.

The uniqueness as Baron Hau describes it, is that his desert is made with every single component with the techniques of molecular gastronomy. For example having powder made of olive oil that will melt like snow in your mouth. The experiences are very unique of which you can’t normally find.

Check out this video with Baron where he demonstrates how his mouth-watering modernist desserts are made!

Thank you to Stories Worth Sharing for producing this video!


  • Julien Larivière

    Nice work, chef.

    Burnt pineapple gel? Is that how you do it?: Grilled pineapple squeezed into étamine to collect clear juice, then heatup/mix agar to solidify and vitamix with juice added until perfect consistency?

    Or do you do it as a pineapple syrup which you reduced?

    I made a sweet onion gel from the drippings of grilled red onions once using method one… Surprisingly good as a component for the amuse i made on that day.

    Keep on sharing your knowledge!


    P.s.- Havent ironed this uniform in a while.


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