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Night It Up! is only a few days away and some delicious food trucks will be here including Buster’s Sea Cove, Beaver Tails, Dairy Best Inc, Chilly Ribbons, and Marble Slab!

This year, one of our sponsors, BlogTO has made it easier for you to locate food trucks all over Toronto with their new Toronto Food Trucks app, an iPhone and iPad app. (Sorry Android users, you can still go to the companion web site)

The Toronto Food Trucks app is a convenient guide for you to keep track of what food trucks you like. It’s a very user-friendly app allowing you to find any nearby trucks, see their menus and pictures, upload your own photos and get the latest news on food trucks and events! The best part about it is that it’s free! You can download it at the App Store here.

This way, if you’re craving for any food trucks outside of Night It Up!, you’ll know where to go!

Here are some screenshots of the Food Trucks app:

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