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6 Types Of People You May Run Into At Night It Up!

After attending Night It Up! for over 6 years, I’ve noticed a pattern. Certain people always come! There’s six different types of people I always see every year! You might even bump into them too this year!
1) Foodies

What would Night It Up! be without it’s unique foods? Foodies will be around every corner trying as many of Night It Up!’s delicacies as they can! From the stinky tofu booths to the Food Trucks, good luck to everyone trying to eat everything!

2) People snapping pictures… everywhere
You’re walking down the already-busy aisles of Night It Up! and you see groups of people taking pictures of themselves with their phones, digital cameras, and DSLR cameras and you wonder how they’re doing it… Because all you want to do is get to the other side and out of the huge crowd you’ve suddenly become a part of.

 3) Long lost friends
Remember that friend you had a crush on at summer camp when you were in elementary school? I didn’t think I would ever see him again until I bumped into him at Night It Up! You actually see so many people at Night It Up!

4) Athletes
I guess it might be because I don’t play sports often or go to sports events too much, but if you go over to CCYAA’s Sports Zone, you’ll see so many athletes! Some intense volleyball and basketball games are played there. Last year, I even saw Matt Bonner from the Spurs who used to play for the Raptors! I’m sure you’ll also see people showing off their guns at the truck pull this year to raise money for Second Harvest!
5) Mom and Dad
It’s time for a date at Night It Up! and you’ve been enjoying your night. You’ve not only bumped into your friends, your long lost friends and now your parents… on their own date. Who knew your date was going to turn into a double date with your parents? Night It Up! welcomes everyone of all ages to attend!

6) Angry Organizers
If you see people in a green Night It Up! t-shirt this year, you might think they look angry because they’re walking around screaming into their walkie-talkie, they’re trying to tell you to park somewhere else, or they’re just going somewhere really fast looking really stressed. Chances are, they’re not angry and they’re just stressed out. The organizers have put many months and endless nights into making Night It Up! the most enjoyable experience you’ll have! So give them a high-five if you see them! They’re more friendly than you think!
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Do you run into these people too? If not, what kind of people do you bump into?

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