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Rounding out our daily giveaways is Bell with four (4) prize packs up for grabs! Oh yeah, you read that right… f-o-u-r.

Check out the Bell booth in section J where there will be fun activities to do which include a virtual reality station. While you’re, strike a pose on the couch and show us your best couch potato #selfie and participate in the #Selfie Scavenger Hunt sponsored by Bell. With three easy stops, you would win more great goodies on site!

To score one of four share with us any special memories you have from Night It Up! or attractions you are looking forward to.

As always, read the rules or else you might be the winner that lost the prize! ):

  • johnny

    Eating at Markham Night It Up each year reminds me of the time growing up in Asia, there are so many Night market opens all over. Our family or friends would go see a movie then go eat at Night market before heading home. It’s always nice to hangout on a hot summer night outdoors!


  • Jennifer Lo

    When my hubby and i first date it was during the night it up. It was our second date and we had so much fun. I still have this souvenir we got from there on our fridge. It’s an wooden heart with out names burned into. Now we are creating more wonderful memories as a family now.


  • Alice

    It’s a ritual for my friends and I go to go night it up every year. Even though some of them go to school in Sudbury we ALWAYS get together every year at night it up. Looking forward to this weekend!!!


  • Sue

    Watching all the booths are definitely my favourite memory! I’ve been going to NIU for the last few years ever since I discovered it with my friend in university, and watching all the cool food, makeup and trinkets at the booths are definitely my favourite.


  • Cassey

    I am always looking forward to seeing all the talented people performing live at the Night It Up stage, it is great to showcase local talent while enjoying the yummy food there!


  • Hami

    Every year, my friends and I being super Asian and hungry pandas always arrive early and then split into teams to get a bunch of food! Its really funny as to those around us it almost seems like we are formulating a kidnap or something. But nooo just food! Its one of my best memories and I can’t wait to do it again this year! Hoping there is even more cool and yummy food this year!


  • Melissa C

    Every year I attend the event with different friends and we create different memories each time. The most memorable time was last year when I went with my boyfriend and we played games, ate some takoyaki (it’s tradition for me to have it every year) and watched performances on stage. This year is going to be interesting since Pokemon Go was released and I noticed a lot of Poke Stops in the area. Very excited to walk around NIU and catch some awesome Pokemon!


  • Jacky Y

    I am certain there is a lot of great foods, live shows and entertainments throughout the day; however, outdoor movie is one I have my eyes on. In past, I have attended each NIGHT IT UP! event with my friends and family. This year will be slightly different as I am bringing someone special to come along with me, and we are going to have a amazing time together. After eating, gaming, and laughing, we can all sit outdoor quietly to watch a movie (We have also been planning to go for picnic for a while).Perhaps, the world would never stop for us, it’d be nice to pause your life for a moment to enjoy what you have (and who you have) =)


  • Bex O

    I love that NightItUp always has beneficiaries and believe in working towards a good cause. Food and activities there are great. Garbage and litter are always concerning but I’m thankful for the volunteers there who work so hard to make this event a success!


  • David

    most looking forward to the performance on stage!


  • Jason

    Looking forward to having all the asian snacks that aren’t offered in our area!


  • Alyna

    STINKY TOFU. I have it EVERY YEAR. I’m so obsessed with them. Stinky tofu is life. I’ve been having a craving for them since last year’s NIU! omg yaaaaaaaaas. *heavy breathing*


  • Peter

    Every year, I bump friends who I haven’t seen in forever and for a moment, we bond over everything about NIU (food, booths, free stuff). Super fun! Looking forward to trying poké from Pokito Canada!!


  • Patricia

    I love going to NIU with my friends and each time we always run into people from high school and it’s always been great to do some catching up! My favorite part / the part I always look forward to the most is the FOOD ! and winning stuff lol


  • Nancy

    I’ve volunteered with two different sponsors there, and watched the sports games and performances, which were quite nice. Looking forward to catch some more this year.


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